foto_prof_Laurentiu_FARA.jpg Prof. dr. Laurenţiu Fara

Professor at the University Politehnica of Bucharest

His research interests are: 1) renewable energy - policies and environmental issues; 2) modelling and numerical simulation of solar radiation; 3) PV and solar thermal systems; 4) modeling and numerical simulation of advanced solar cells; 5) bioenergy and biofuels. He published more than 300 papers and 20 books in the country and abroad. He participated in 15 international projects as coordinator. He was awarded the Romanian Academy Prize “Dragomir Hurmuzescu” for his contribution in solar energy conversion. He is full member of the Academy of Romanian Scientists (AOSR) and President of the Renewable Energy Commission of the Romanian Academy. He is member of 15 international and national scientific societies. He organized several international conferences and workshops (PV Trends 2008, BRETS 2011, PATRES 2013, WREC 2015 etc), as well as national ones. He developed a laboratory of BiPV systems and simulation of nanostructured solar cells.