Marco Sala graduated Architect with honours in 1972 at University of Florence, where actually teaches in the Architecture Department.

Fonder and Director of A.B.I.T.A. Inter-university Research Centre Director of European Master ABITA in Sustainable Architecture). Visiting Professor at London Metropolitan University, coordinator of Abitare Mediteraneo: research, database, TestCell and new benchmark for moderate climate condition www.abitaremediterraneo.

Professor Marco Sala authored some 70 scientific papers/conference reports, produced about 20 books, proceedings volumes, and in 2013 edited the Almanacco (handbook) of Sustainable Architecture with Arch. Renzo Piano.

Marco Sala organised and chaired many International Conferences and Exhibitions, is fonder of TIA (Teaching in Architecture Energy and Environment World Network), member of Bioclimatic Committee of ISES Italia, WREC (World Renewable Energy Congress), Associate Member of PLEA (Passive Low Energy Architecture).

Marco Sala coordinated many European and International Cooperation Projects (Perù, Ecuador, Indonesia) such: “Museums”,“Hospitals”,“PV in Schools”, “Teenergy”, “UniAid” “Dayliht” “Euleb”.

His role as full Professor of Architectural Technology in the University works in tandem with the office research base and practice, with many realised bioclimatic buildings and consultancies for private and public administrations.

Marco Sala Associates, Architecture and Energy Consultants specialises in passive solar systems in architecture, environmental design, bioclimatic architecture.

Projects designed by Marco Sala: Natural Museum and Speed Train rail-station in Florence, Technology Park Offices in Lucca, Multiplex and Commercial Centre in Prato, Public Housings, Public Winter Gardens in Padua, Le Murate and Meyer Hospital in Florence.

In association with Arch. D.Fisher co-funded the “Dynamic Architecture Movement”, and designed Rotating Towers in Dubai and other locations